Japanese School in Japan,Fukuoka - NILS

School Activity Report

Sushi making

We are very sorry to stop showing our activity event. We had a problem with uploading photos from last summer. But now, we have finally sort it out.  So we update our ongoing activity and add past ones as soon as we can.

This is the latest activity after we recovered from the uploading problem!


Here are the comments from our students;

In my first week of studying at NILS in Ohashi, Fukuoka, I was taken for a sushi making activity. This was my first time doing such a thing, and it was a lot of fun. The chef who was showing us how to make the sushi was very interesting and funny, and I had a great time learning how to make different types of sushi, and then getting to eat them afterwards. I would reccomend this activity to anyone who is interesting in experiencing Japanese culture.”

”  I had never made sushi, so I was really looking forward to this event.  The chef was really fun and explained to us how to make sushi and the history behind it.  I got to make some salmon, shrimp, and mackerel sushi.  We also made a tuna makizushi.  It was hard to make right, so I have a greater appreciation when I eat sushi.  Together with my classmates and Kadowaki Sensi, we had so much fun.  I really recommend if you haven’t made sushi, try out the sushi making event at Suito Fukuoka. “



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