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How to Manage your Living Expenses


Fortunately, Fukuoka has much a lower cost of living than large cities like Tokyo and Osaka.



  1. Set your air conditioner at 28 degrees Celsius (82 F). It may seem high to you, but the outside temperature is much higher. This is a very effective way to save your electricity. In the winter, set your heat at 20 degrees Celsius (68 F).
  2. Clean the filter of your air conditioner frequently. If it is dirty, it does not work as efficiently.
  3. Do not leave home without turning your lights off. There was a student who complained a high electricity bill in the past. Upon entering his apartment, we saw all the lights on as well as the air conditioner. Please remember to turn off all of your lights and air conditioner when you leave your apartment.
  4. The same goes for water. When you are washing dishes or brushing your teeth, do not leave the water running unnecessarily. It will lead to a high water bill.



  1. Do not eat out too frequently. We understand there are many reasons to dine out – a date, hanging out with friends, etc. You may also want to just grab a bento box at a convenience store when you are tired. It is OK to dine out once in a while, but please limit how often you eat out. Otherwise, your food bill will soar.
  2. Cook at home as much as you can. It is even better if you and your friends can cook together to lower the cost of food per person.
  3. Buy food in bulk. There are several supermarkets near NILS. If you can stock up some items on sale, you will be able to lower your food bills. For example, you can save money by buying a large package of meat, divide it in individual portions, and freeze them.


These are just a few examples of managing your living expenses in Japan. By saving wisely, you can come up with extra money for leisure or future tuition.


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