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How to Manage your Living Expenses

Fortunately, Fukuoka has much a lower cost of living th … 続きを読む How to Manage your Living Expenses

How to Stay Healthy

Fukuoka has a mild climate during most of the year, but … 続きを読む How to Stay Healthy

How to Avoid Getting into Trouble

Bicycle Theft: Riding a bicycle is a very popular metho … 続きを読む How to Avoid Getting into Trouble

What if Something Happens?

Injuries or Illnesses: If you can speak some Japanese, … 続きを読む What if Something Happens?

Temporary Leave of Absence

During your stay in Japan, you may want to go home duri … 続きを読む Temporary Leave of Absence

Work Permit

Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permit … 続きを読む Work Permit

Japanese Customs #2: Greetings

How to Bow Even though bowing as a form of greetings is … 続きを読む Japanese Customs #2: Greetings


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