Japanese School in Japan,Fukuoka - NILS

School Activity Report

日本の踊り(Japanese Traditional Dance)

今回は、浴衣+踊りの体験をしました。 「浴衣」は、お祭りの時に着る、和服よりも薄手の動きやすい着物です。 これらを着て、日本の踊りの踊り方を体験しました。 

We experienced “Yukata” cloths and traditional dance this time.  “Yukata” is s simple Japanese cloths as you can see in the photos below. We wore them and practice the dance dance.



“We were greeted by our hostess for the afternoon – Yushiro Fujima sensei, who is a Traditional Japanese Dance Professional.”


“By way of introduction, Yushiro sensei performed demonstrations of both men’s and women’s dances.”


“We were then dressed in beautiful yukata and kimono, and then shown the basics of various dance steps.”


“After some practice, Yushiro sensei led us through some dance sequences.”

「私たちは、浴衣や着物を着て、踊りを踊って楽しかったです。 先生はとても大らかで楽しい方です。」

“We had quite a bit of fun dressing in the costumes provided and performing the dances. Our sensei is a very lively and entertaining character.”


“This was an enjoyable activity that gave us some insight into the complexity of Traditional Japanese Dance.”


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