NILS Fukuoka Times

Today's Phrase

Residence Card


Please Carry Your Residence Card.  No Need to Carry Your Passport with You.


While in Japan, you will have plenty of time to go out for fun.  Please remember that you may be asked to show your ID by Japanese officials.  Short-stay foreigners are required to carry their passport with them all the time because they do not have any other IDs during their stay.  In contrast, students learning Japanese at NILS, staying longer than 90 days, receive residence card at the time of entry to Japan.  Students should carry this residence card with them, instead of their passport whenever they go out.  Having this card with you at all time is required under Japanese Law.  If you are requested by the police to present your ID and you are not able, you might be penalized.  Explaining that you left your ID at home will not be a good excuse.


Please feel free to contact us from here. If you have questions about the school.