I am worried about living abroad.

At NILS, we make sure each and every one of you has a successful experience both personally and academically. Our guidance covers wide areas of potential concerns for you. For example, we invite a police offer to talk about basic laws and regulations in Japan. We also go to a bank and the municipal hall with you to complete necessary procedures. Additionally, we conduct student orientations during the initial 3 months in order to make sure you are satisfied with your routine.

What is the weather in Japan?

We have distinct seasons in Japan, and as such, the temperatures and precipitation vary greatly depending on the season. We have a rainy season during the months of June and July. In Fukuoka, the summer temperature can reach between 30 degrees and 35 degrees (Celsius). In winter, the low temperature can dip to 0 degrees and 5 degrees (Celsius).

Can I withdraw cash from my bank account that I opened in my home country?

If you have a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or JCB) or a debit card with these affiliations, you can withdraw cash from an ATM in Seven Eleven stores. You can also use ATMs at Postal Bank branches. Please check with your bank in advance.

Am I allowed to do a part time job?

If you have a pre-college visa, after receiving “Permission to Engage in Activities Outside the Scope of the Visa” from the Immigration Authority, then you will be eligible to work for up to 4 hours per day. It is not possible to receive this permission soon after entering school. Following entry on a student visa, you may apply for this permission and a test, if you pass the test given by school one month later.

Can I work part time while attending NILS programs?

[Full-time Intensive program]
Yes, you are permitted to work part time after you obtain a work permit issued by the Immigration Bureau of Japan. You can apply for the permit at the time of entry into Japan. With a student visa, you are permitted to work for a period not exceeding 28 hours a week during a semester, and for a period not exceeding 8 hours a day while you are on a long-term vacation.
[Short-Term Program]
No, you are prohibited from working in Japan on a short-stay visa.

How much do I need for living expenses?

You will need US$600-700 for living expenses such as meals, utilities (water, gas, electricity, cell phone), and miscellaneous.

Compare the cost of living in Japan:

Average Tokyo Area Osaka Area Fukuoka Area
(89,000 yen)
(102,000 yen)
(85,000 yen)
(72,000 yen)

The above fee includes monthly rent, meals, utilities, medical and other personal expenses.

Can I easily find part-time employment? What types of jobs are available?

It depends on how well you can speak Japanese. If you don’t speak Japanese at all, it is not easy to find work. We collect help-wanted information in our areas and help our students find work. Currently, our students work in distributions centers, bento (lunchbox) assembly plants, meat packing plants, convenience stores, restaurants, and English language schools.