Can I change host families in case of a mismatch?

Please don’t hesitate to tell us about any problems with the family. We will try to solve your problems, including switching to another family.

When is the deadline to apply for the home-stay program?

The deadline is two months prior to your arrival date. The payment is required as well.
We will provide you with information about the host family as soon as we locate one which fulfills your requirements.

Can I choose a non-smoking family? Is internet access also available?

Yes, you can. You are required to submit to us the Home-stay Application Form.
We will arrange for a host family according to your needs regarding matters of smoking, pets, allergies, meals (for example, vegetarian) and children.
The school will arrange for a family with wireless internet access in their home.

How many meals do I have with the home-stay program?

You have two options:

<One-meal plan (Breakfast)>
30 days: US$1,190/60 days: US$2,150/90 days: US$3,110

<Two-meal plan (breakfast and dinner)>
30 days: US$1,310/60 days: US$2,390/90 days: US$3,470

How much travel time should I allow from a Leo-Palace apartment to the school?

[Full-time Intensive program]
Leo-Palace private apartments are everywhere in the city. We try to arrange your apartment near the school.
If the apartment is located in Ogori City, it takes about 10 minutes by bicycle.
Otherwise, it can take one hour by train.

[Short-Term Program]
It takes about 15-30 minutes by train.

How much travel time should I allow from the NILS dormitory to the school?

It takes about 5-10 minutes by bicycle.

Is internet access available in the NILS dormitories?

No, you would have to arrange a contract with an internet service provider. We can assist you in making a contact.

Are dormitories available?

Yes. Dormitories are located near the Ogori campus with 2 to 3 bedrooms, a dining/kitchen area and a bathroom.
Each bedroom is well-furnished with desk, chair, bed, bed linens, small shelf, and air conditioner. There is no internet connection provided in the dormitory, but students can set one up by making a contract with one of the private internet service providers (for intensive program students only).

Can you be a co-signer if I wanted to rent my own apartment?

No, we cannot be a co-signer if you decide to rent your own place. You need to find your own co-signer. However, there are some apartments that do not require co-signers. Please ask your realtor.

Please describe all the NILS’s student housing options and amenities.

[NILS Student Dormitory]Room features:

  • Bed
  • Blankets
  • Desk
  • 3-shelf bookcase
  • Air-conditioning
  • You need to share the kitchen and the bathroom with other students.
  • The shared space has a refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave oven, and a large hot water thermos. Please use your own cookware and dishes, etc. For Internet service, you need to have your own contract with a provider.

[Leo Palace]Room features:

  • Bed
  • Futon
  • Table
  • Chair(s)
  • Closet
  • Air-conditioning system
  • TV
  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Internet ready
  • Please your own cookware and dishes, etc.

[Shared housing]Room features:

  • Bed
  • Futon
  • Desk
  • Chair(s)
  • Closet
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Refrigerator
  • Bathroom
  • Internet ready
  • Shared Kitchen
  • You can use the cookware provided
  • You can use the washing machine and dryer

[Home-stay]Room features:

  • Bed
  • Futon
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Closet
  • Internet Usage

Can I have a pet?

Pets are not permitted either in the NILS dormitory, Leo Palace, shared housing, or in the home stay option. If you would like to bring your pet, please contact us. We can put you in touch with an apartment owner that allows pets. However, there are not many properties that allow pets, and it may take you 30 minutes to an hour to commute to school. In addition, pet friendly apartments usually cost $6,500 to $9,000 annually excluding utilities.

Can I rent a Leo Palace apartment with a friend?

Yes, the maximum occupancy at Leo Palace is 2. If you share a Leo Palace apartment with another person, you need to pay an additional $130 if you are staying for one month, $160 for 2 months, and $190 for 3 months. We can provide you an extra set of futon but not a bed. Either you use the extra futon on the floor or take advantage of a loft apartment if such a unit is available.

Can I stay with a host family with my friend?

Yes, you may. Please note  that we do not guarantee to find a host family willing to have 2 students, though we try to follow your request. If you and your friend wish to stay with a host family, please contact us at least 2 months before the start of your classes. We will check for availability. By the way, even if you “share” a host family with your friend, you pay the same rent. (There is no discount.)

How expensive are the utilities?

The NILS dormitory, Leo Palace, shared housing or the home-stay option all include utilities. However, Leo Palace may charge you for extra if you use more than what is considered the ordinary amount. Please try to save energy. When you have your own apartment and pay utilities separately, you will end up paying approximately, 10,000 yen to 15,000 per month.

Do you have a curfew?

No, we do not. However, if you come home after 22:00, please be considerate of your neighbors and try to be very quiet. Otherwise, your neighbors may complain to the school or the apartment management companies. If a resident continues to create noise even after repeated warnings, he/she may be asked to leave.

What can I do if I have trouble with my neighbor?

Please talk to us first. We will try to help you with your situation. In any case, we ask you to be a good neighbor by greeting your neighbors and being generally considerate.

Do you provide meals?

No, we don’t provide meal services at either our dormitory, Leo Palace (an apartment for our students), or the shared housing. You need to prepare your own meals. You can buy groceries and cook, purchase take-home items, or eat out. Around our housing options, there are a number of supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores. You can save a lot of money by cooking your own meals.

[Home-Stay Students]
If you are a Short-Term student staying with a family, you can select one of the two options: breakfast only, or breakfast and dinner.